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10 Cool Ways To Attract People To Your Web Site 1. Give people a free subscription to your e-zine. Almost everyone is publishing a e-zine nowadays so it's important to give something extra with the free subscription. You could offer a free gift or advertising when people subscribe. 2. Provide your visitors with free content post by haiyan902. Your content will be more attractive to your visitors if it's up-to-date or original. You could also offer people the option to reprint the content in their e-zine or web site. 3. Offer a free online directory. The directory could be full of interesting ebooks, e-zines, web sites etc. If people find your directory to be a valuable resource they will visit it over and over. 4. Give your visitors a free ebook. You could also include your own ad in the ebook and allow other people to give it away. If you don't want to take the time to write one, you could ask other writers permission to use their articles. 5. Hold free online classes or seminars. They could be held in your web site's chat room. The idea of "live" information will definitely entice people to visit your web site. You will become known as an expert on the topic. 6. Give visitors a free entry into your contest or sweepstakes. The prizes should be something of interest or value to your visitors. Most people who enter will continually revisit your web site to get the results. 7. Let visitors download free software. It could be freeware, shareware, demos etc. You could even turn part of your site into a free software directory. If you created the software, include your ad inside and let other people give it away. 8. Offer free online services or utilities from your web site. They could be search engine submitting, copy writing proofreading etc. The service or utility should be helpful to your target audience. 9. Give free consulting to people who visit your web site. You could offer your knowledge via e-mail or by telephone. People will consider this a huge value because consulting fees can be very expensive. 10. Give your visitors a free membership to your online club. People want to belong to something, why not your online club. You could also give away a free e-zine for club members only Louis Vuitton handbags. http://www.colorblog.jp/blog/wwchristmas/?entry_id=1386439

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Multiple Sources of Income It is a common say today that there is now job security whatsoever - that is true fact worldwide - US, Europe (see what is happening in Germany), Australia or any other developed country. What basically happens is that globalization causes our jobs to be relocated to countries which have cheaper labor. For example, many programmer jobs are being moved to India, Russia, Estonia etc Louis Vuitton bags... where labor might cost only ten percent of its cost in a developed country. So - its time to forget the golden watch and the dream of easy sweet retirement at 65. And as far as that is concerned things are getting even more complicated since we tend to live longer years but have less children - who is going to pay for our pensions? Governments are already in the process of changing the laws and we could reasonably expect the official retirement age to be raised to 67 and perhaps 70 in the next few years. Also the social benefits system of some countries is in dire straits with too many claims by the impoverished and a too small contribution of the middle working class. Robert Kayosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad has pointed out that we live in an age where we must ensure that we have Multiple Sources of Income. He correctly identified four ways of earning money:
Employment (i.e. a normal tradional 'job')Self Employment (working for yourself)Business (having a 'system' that makes money)Investment (earning money of accumulated capital)
Kayosaki argues that an individual seeking financial freedom should try to position himself in both nos. (3) and (4), which is exactly what the rich do - they either own a business (its management can be outsourced at a cost to a professional manager) , or invest surplus capital in other people's business - and both these do not require an individual to work (i.e post by haiyan902. trade time for money).The point is basically to be free from being wholly dependent of an employer.A wise man does not work for money, but lets money work for him.

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Is Candy Corn Actually Good For Kids Do The Math And See Does all the sugar in candy corn have you wondering whether or not it is good for your kids? In some ways, it just might be. Candy corn could possibly boost thinking skills and improve grades! After letting them eat their fill, have your kids use the candy corn for some math lessons.On a very basic level, the orange, yellow, and white triangles can help teach colors and shapes. Mix them with some M&M's for a sorting exercise for little fingers post by haiyan902. Have children arrange them together to make new shapes.Need something a little more challenging? Try using the little candies for board game markers. Candy corn bingo is fun - with the numbers on the grid providing answers to equations and the candies marking the spots. Kids can graph different amounts of candy corn. Making spinners from cardboard with the arrows shaped like candy corn can provide another fun way of working with numbers.Have you ever noticed that the little pieces - if turned on their sides - look like "greater than" or "less than" signs? Kids may enjoy unequal equations much more if they are using candy for the answers.And what about some story problems? Tommy has 14 pieces of candy corn. If he steals his sister's 8 pieces, how many will he have in all? Since the story problem is quite versatile, candy corn is still helpful when the degree of difficulty is stretched a little. Maybe the kids should find the square root of the number of pieces of candy corn that Tommy has. Or maybe Tommy's stash of candy corn is going to grow exponentially over the entire month of October! Lucky Tommy Louis Vuitton bags.How much does each individual piece of candy corn cost? That is a great math/life question. Which store offers the best price? Try weighing the candy corn - or maybe try weighing the children after they have eaten a few bags of it!An enormous jar full of candy corn provides a great guessing/estimating game. And the jar will be award to the person with the closest answer. There is some mathematical way of making a fairly accurate guess. Is the prize worth the trouble of revisiting some old high school formulas?Some geometry students might enjoy the Internet Math Challenge from the University of Idaho. The problem involves pretending the piece of candy is a perfect cone and reconfiguring its color's dimensions. Then again, maybe "enjoy" is too strong a word.Math and candy corn unite in the world of fiction. Check out the books Who Brought the Candy Corn? by Judy Ann Brown and The Candy Corn Contest by Patricia Reilly Giff for some interesting reading as well as exercises in logic.Talk about brain food! Perhaps candy corn will become the poster candy for educators everywhere. Not likely. But, hopefully, adding a little tasteful fun to a math lesson may encourage thinking and learning. It might also give the old excuse "the dog ate my homework" a little more credence.

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How to Get Your Toddler to Stop Coloring on the Walls by Yelena Gertsenova  
You really cant blame toddlers for coloring on the walls,its tempting! Big, smooth, white expanses seem to just cry out for artwork, even if its homemade. Regardless, it can be annoying to get crayon and marker off the walls. Short of repainting, there arent a lot of options for removing your kids handiwork. How can you stop them from damaging your home without staunching their creativity and zeal for expression? Here are five ways you can keep them coloring, just in the right places:

1 Louis Vuitton. Designate specific times for coloring, when you have time to monitor them, and store the art materials out of reach the rest of the time. By putting the markers on a high shelf when you cant watch them being used, you ensure that your child understands there is a time and a place for coloring. This is also an important consideration for your childs health, as without proper supervision they could consume the paint or dyes, which can be toxic and dangerous to their health.

2. Emphasize repeatedly that artwork is meant for paper (or another approved medium) and not on other things. Tell your toddler, using simple, short and direct language. Then, let them begin their artwork. If they start to wander with the tools, direct them back to the paper. If they leave again, take away the art materials.

3. If your child is too young to recognize where and when art is allowed, provide other outlets for creativity. If the weather is nice, let your toddler draw with chalk on the sidewalk. If it is cold or rainy, set your child up with art materials in a safe place and color with them. Consider placing a plastic drop cloth underneath their chair for messier projects. You can also build snow sculptures outside, and paint them with water and food coloring. Bath paint and crayons, for use in the bathroom, will allow the child to draw on the walls without causing permanent damage.

4. If they continue to be attracted to the walls, designate and make a safe wall for them to draw on until they can understand that this is generally frowned upon. Pick a wall, and measure its width and up to a foot over your childs head. Take enough white poster board and overlap them, covering the measured space completely. Attach it to the wall with blue painters tape, it wont take the paint off the wall when it is removed. If the poster board gets filled up with drawings, tape butcher paper over it with more blue tape. Direct your toddler to this wall, and discipline them by removing the art materials if they deviate from it.

5. Provide significant amounts of paper and spend enough time coloring on it with your toddler that they will learn the art materials appropriate usage. Construction paper is a great idea, as it is colorful and inexpensive, and should attract your child as an interesting medium for their art post by haiyan902. Consider getting a small, toy easel for them to do their work on, as well. This will provide them with the upright feeling of drawing on the wall without the discipline that follows, and it will help them feel like a real painter!

Remember, discipline is not the only way to teach your child right from wrong. Spending time with them and showing them how things should be done is actually much more effective, as they crave your attention. If you give them a way to spend time with you, they should be more than happy to abide by the rules.

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Have You Sold Your Internal Customers You can make the sale. You know your core message. You know your target market inside out, right?But if you have even one employee than you've got another sales job to do. Everyone in your organization must also be sold on the dream you have. Everyone who answers the phone, walks the sales floor, attends that Chamber event, or follow-up on a sales lead in your companys name must be sold first.Lets start to think of your employees and strategic partners as internal prospects. What have you done to really light their fire about what your company does, about how it is different, about the unique value you can bring to a service relationship?Most of the time small business owners completely neglect the notion of what might be called marketing training Louis Vuitton bags. But then they wonder why no one in the organization get pumped up about providing over the top service. Or why no one really has a clear picture of who or what makes a good lead.I can stress this notion enough. Any person in your organization that comes into contact with a client or prospect in any fashion is performing a marketing function.So, now that you know who the first target market is, get out there and start pounding the isles, cubicles, break rooms, and conference tables looking for prospects who are just dieing to to be sold on the vision you have for the business.What if everyone if your company was made to understand that part of their job, no matter what else they did, was marketing.Can you imagine an organization with a culture like that?Picture this. Your head of operation is at a cocktail party and someone asks them what they do for a living and instead of this: Im the head of operations for a small electrical contractor they utter these words: I make contractors look brilliant.Or what if a field technician was confronted with a problem and instead of passing that problem on they saw to it that the problem was addressed and then they called the client back and made sure they were happy and offered to send the client some movie passes for their trouble.Heres an idea. Go out and print up new business cards for everyone at your firm that say vice-president of field operations and marketing fanatic. The marketing fanatic now becomes a part of everyones title.Of course, now you actually have to do the sales job or, like any good selling, the process of educating your internal clients. But here's the good news. They want to be sold. They are dieing to be sold. I suggest you look at setting up quarterly meeting that focus on all aspects of marketing your firm lead generation, selling, and customer service. Then maditorily invite your entire staff for marketing seminars.Build marketing training into your hiring meetings and staff orientation. Make it a part of your routine reviews. Write a entire chapter on marketing into your employee manual. If you meet resistance to this notion it is because you have not made it priority in the past and people will always resist change. The key is that make sure they understand that this isnt just another chapter from the latest business article you read. You must make the new found emphasis on marketing an expectation and a requirement post by haiyan902.Teach you people who makes a great client, the exact words they should use to describe your firm, how your firm is different, the promotions you have planned for this month and next month, the challenges your prospects face, the goals you have set for your marketing.Finally, find a way to turn your marketing into a game. If you can find a way to motivate everyone in the organization to help grow the enterprise, think what a machine you could create. And if you find that you have people that dont want to play the gamedo them a favor and get rid of them. Let your folks know from day one that they are part of the marketing team.

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